Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun in the sun

Went to see Jenna and Little Bear on Thursday. Went to Cheescake Factory for the first time. That was a bit overwhelming! We had a great day. I love being with the kids. I was so glad we could all be together. Little Bear and Mama are growing.
Jenna looked so pretty in her bright blue dress. She also taught me how to get free frozen yogurt. We had fun cooling off in the pool, having pizza with Pam and family.
Poor Jesse left the rest of her cheesecake at the house, but I'm taking care of that. Wouldn't want it to go bad.

I've set a goal to try and help Jenna and Sean have atleast a years worth of diapers and wipes by the time the baby gets here. I've got a small start, I love to find them on sale and have a coupon.

I'm so excited about vacation in 7 days. Next year we will have a five month old with us. I can't wait. Little Bear is going to be one spoiled baby. I really don't like equating Little Bears growth with a food item. Lima beans and grapes will never be the same. We need to stick to inches or centimeters.

Emma and I finished Anne of Green Gables. It is THE best movie I've ever seen. I must own the series some day. I will be watching it with any granddaughters that I am blessed with.

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  1. If you don't like food measurements, then Little Bear is about an inch long right now. I'm very glad you didn't let Jesse's cheesecake get wasted :)