Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Little of Nothing

I had to get this post in before midnight so that I could keep up with the once a week blogging goal.

Not much has gone on this week. But here goes... Will had his state cross country meet in Winston Salem. He did his personal best, then I got to go to Old Salem. I loved it. Will had his last cross country meet of the year and got lost driving there, and missed it. Not a happy time! I didn't see Jesse any this week, but rumor has it she has no clean scrubs or underwear...according to Nana. I don't think any big news came out of the Mitchell household, other than smoking meat in the front yard, aka redneck. Emma's been all crafty, getting ready for the show.

I cooked a new recipe, it was really good. I'll share it next time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad, Bad Nonni

So...I'm not even going to try and recreate the last six months of my life. You would think I've been watching too many soap operas. Anyway I am going to set a goal of updating this blog once a week.

Right now Sean has passed two of his four CPA exams; he took another one this morning. Jenna is a full-time SAHM(stay-at-home-mom); she watches another little boy named Isaiah. Jesse is still working at the hospital; she is doing school part-time online. Emma is crafting like crazy; she has her first show on Nov. 19. Will is DRIVING!!! I am so glad for another driver in the house. He pretty much taught himself. I stink at teaching driving. Will is taking three classes, two for college credit. That leaves Porter. Oh my goodness! As Jenna calls him, squishy-face-man. There's nothing so adorable in the whole world.

When my children were little, it seems like all Todd and I talked about was the children. Now all we talk about is Porter! When you see his picture you will know why. One thing I do want to remember on the blog is our vacation. It was probably the best one ever! Porter was so good, and it was so fun to spend a whole week with him(oh, and Jenna and Sean). The weather was perfect. We hardly broke a sweat which was very unusual. We even ate out many times, and Porter was such a good boy.

I am so excited about Fall being here. I love the leaves, the coolness in the air, and the food. We went hiking on Whiteside Mtn. this weekend. It was beautiful! I have chili in the crockpot right now, and cornbread on the way. Until next week...