Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm Here

I had no idea if I could even remember how to sign in to my blog. Sad I know, but it is what it is. Last time I wrote anything Savannah was one week old. Now Jenna is planning her one year old birthday party. I'm just a little slow. So to recap all that I can remember from last November. We all went together to get our Christmas trees at the same place we always do. I think we have gone there for 14 years, except one year we tried something different and ended up with a tree with bugs in it. We went to the Daniel Boone Inn for lunch afterwards. Best I can remember it was very cold, so Jenna stayed in the car with the babies until we got inside. It was a LONG wait. We decided we wanted to go somewhere new next year, oops I mean this year. We had Christmas morning here with three kids, then went to Jenna's for more Christmas and my birthday.
Then the best thing happened...Sean and Jenna moved to Asheville. Sean got a wonderful, blessing of a job. It has been so fun to see them every week. They have a beautiful home, just perfect for their family. Porter and Savannah just light up when I come through the door.
Jesse went and got herself a boyfriend. A real nice Christian guy. They are having fun dating on a budget. Marriage is probably in the future. It's so good to see her happy. She also got a much needed new car! All in God's timing :)
Emma and Will are both in school. So the house is pretty empty during the week, but it's real clean ;) I love the weekends when they are both here, except they have a ton of homework. Emma will graduate next October, then take her state boards, then continue on to another college (that's the plan this week). Will has maybe picked a major...Electrical Engineer, maybe a minor in Philosophy. And yes he and Parker are still together.
We had our annual vacation to Wild Dunes. Every year I think it is the best one yet. We did things a little different this year. Sean and Jenna only stayed in the house with us half the time. It worked out good, because then they had their on little family vacation. We ate at Westend Brewery again, after taking a couple of years off. I love that place! I have to say Porter didn't love the beach. He liked it okay if he was being held, but didn't love the sand or the ocean(takes after his dad)...we'll try again next year. He and Savannah did like the pool, so we spent most of our time there. Oh and I can't forget Page's Okra Grill for breakfast. I think we all ate waaaay too much. Five of us went to Water's Edge Restaurant DURING a tornado, it was TERRIFYING! But delicious.
I am looking forward to Fall. It is starting to be cool in the morning and at night, but still pretty warm during the day. Hopefully we will go to the Apple Orchard in the next couple of weekends. Last year Todd stood in line for over an hour to get Apple Cider Doughnuts, maybe he will do it again :)