Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cutest Belly Ever

So Jenna is showing a little. Alot to her! Her belly is so cute. Just touching it and knowing what a miracle is going on in there is amazing. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Sean very thoughtfully brought pizza home for dinner last night. I can't wait to see him be a dad. I am so glad the trend for dads has changed, and they are so much more hands on than they were years ago. I personally think that makes a very secure child (and happy mama).

Will informed me that it is 11 days until vacation. Yippee! Food, games, food, swimming, food, shopping...did I mention food? We love to cook and eat out! Healthy of course, this year. Next year we will have a five month old with us. Can you imagine the spoiling going on around there?

Papa prays the sweetest prayers for Little Bear. I love to hear him pray for Sean, Jenna and Little Bear. :)

I added a little sidebar. Figured it out all by myself!

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  1. I love the countdown :) And the belly seems to grow by the day! Love you!