Monday, November 5, 2012

Savannah Joy Mitchell

I have been blessed with another Grandbaby! My amazingly strong daughter delivered a healthy, beautiful little girl on October 30th at 8:04pm. With her husband coaching and encouraging her she was able to push her out in only(I say that lightly, because I wasn't the one pushing. Savannah entered the world very quietly, not screaming, and she's been that way since. She weighed 7.77lbs, rounded up to 7.8lbs. She was 21 inches long. She looked just like her brother.
I have to say her brother loves her. He was so sweet with her! He kissed, and patted, and held her for the longest time. All the while being ever so gentle. His little face lit up when his mama came walking in the door with her at home. I do think that he thinks she was made just for him :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Still here. I know what the problem is. I am technology challenged. I have a very hard time posting pictures, therefore I don't want to write anything, because to be honest I like most blogs for the pictures.
Since last post, my oldest daughter is expecting again( in two days!), a girl this time, my second oldest daughter bought herself a car(Jeep Liberty)and is doing some online work to possibly change jobs within the same hospital she works for, my youngest daughter is in school full-time and working, my youngest of all is AWAY at school! My grandson has a mouth full of teeth, is talking really good, and has loads of personality. My son-in-law is still plugging away as an accountant and doing a great job supporting his family. I am one proud Mama and Nonnie!
I probably have the cleanest house in the neighborhood, because the only thing I know to do with all this free time is clean. I said that I might open a grief counceling service for homeschool moms. Someone should have told me how awful this would feel. I feel like I shoud go recruit other people's kids and teach them something. I've changed my goal from trying to blog once a week to trying to blog once every six months. Maybe I can do that. I hate setting goals that are unobtainable.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Little "P" Man

I'm not even going to start this out with an apology for how long it has been. It is what it is!

The letter "P" is my favorite letter right now. It has many meanings, my favorite being Porter. When he stayed at Nonni's house for the first time, we found out it could also mean, Peas, Pee, Poop... any variety of things. It also means Praise. I Praise God for this Perfect little blessing He has brought into our lives.

I can not believe that he will be a year old in 5 days. I can't wait for the Party! My little "P" man has brought so much joy to so many people.