Saturday, February 5, 2011

Because I Love Porter

The flu bug has just about shut down our home. Since Monday Todd and Will have been down with chills, fever, body aches, cough, headache, did I mention Will's sore throat? We almost made a run to Urgent Care this morning, but decided to wait a little longer. His throat is a little better than this morning. We are trying to get it healed before the Super Bowl hot wings and brownies that he plans to partake of tomorrow. A friend of mine told me that this particular flu is rearing it's ugly head in the throat. She said if I would gargle with Peroxide it would kill any germs that might be starting. So, because of my love for Porter, and wanting to be well in case Jenna goes into labor---I DID IT! Anyone that knows me and my hate of anything that does not taste good, knows how bad I do not want to get sick. Thank you Porter for holding on a little longer. By the way it was not that bad while it was in my mouth, then it decided to foam up and come out of my nose, not so great.

I wonder how many more days before I can be a Nonni. I am so ready. Thinking about the phone call when it comes, and trying to get everyone together to head over to Sean and Jenna's seems crazy. Best case scenario would be about 6:00pm on a Friday night. Wishful thinking I know. Oh well whenever it is we are all ready.

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  1. You shouldn't request a certain time, because I can guarantee he won't cooperate. We love this little guy- but he's quite a stubborn one. I have no idea where he got that from :) And wow, I can't believe you actually put peroxide in your mouth- YUCK!!