Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cooking, Eating, Cooking, Eating...

I love this time of year! We have cooked and eaten so much lately. I've lost count on the number of pumpkin pies and pumpkin crisps. Seriously about 6 or 7 EACH! I made Buckeyes yesterday, and yes some of us ate them for breakfast.

We had the best Thanksgiving I can remember. Such a fun time with family. I wonder what next year will look like with Porter here? Going to get our Christmas tree was just perfect. The weather was cold, but not too cold and it was a beautiful day. Thank goodness there was no mud at the tree farm, because Emma has to be the most hard headed child ever(new boots). There is the cutest little rest area on the way. It is a little log cabin with all the amenities and a wood stove right in the middle. I love it. I can't wait for Porter to be with us next year. Sean can't either, because then he and Jenna get to take their own car. Little does he know that the girls are going to want to ride with them. So that means, more Jesse, his favorite sister-in-law!

Our tree is a little smaller than usual, but I think it is the prettiest one we've had. Anything beats last years tree(bugs!). We still don't have the front porch decorated. The wind has been terrible. Everything is blowing over or off the porch. The big glider swing we have blew over the rail and is laying upside down beside the house. Oh well, the inside of the house looks pretty. I have a new favorite store, Cranberries and Lace. I got some new Christmas decorations there. Will reminded me that most of ours are getting pretty old.

Jesse has done great with her wisdom teeth. Nothing can stop that girl from eating. The only problem she had was forgetting to take her pain medication with her to babysit last night. Oh yeah, and the fact that her cell phone died and she had to drive home in the snow! Pain, slippery roads, and no cell phone, thank you Jesus for protecting her. That was a long night!

We are such blessed people. When I was laying in bed last night(after Jesse let me know she was home safely) I was wondering why I am blessed the way I am. There I was in a warm, soft, clean bed with a roof over my head, full stomach, healthy, saved, the most amazingly close family. I pray that I never take for granted any of these things. I am so thankful for Porter and the family he will grow up in. He is one blessed baby already.

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