Monday, November 5, 2012

Savannah Joy Mitchell

I have been blessed with another Grandbaby! My amazingly strong daughter delivered a healthy, beautiful little girl on October 30th at 8:04pm. With her husband coaching and encouraging her she was able to push her out in only(I say that lightly, because I wasn't the one pushing. Savannah entered the world very quietly, not screaming, and she's been that way since. She weighed 7.77lbs, rounded up to 7.8lbs. She was 21 inches long. She looked just like her brother.
I have to say her brother loves her. He was so sweet with her! He kissed, and patted, and held her for the longest time. All the while being ever so gentle. His little face lit up when his mama came walking in the door with her at home. I do think that he thinks she was made just for him :)

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