Monday, November 8, 2010


The whole reason I made this blog is for Porter and future grand-children to be able to read and know how much they are loved, wanted and prayed over. When Sean and Jenna first said they wanted to find out the gender of the baby, Papa(Todd) did not want us to tell him. Well, no one told Jesse that, so when we found out the gender she sent Todd a text telling him. He was very shocked! He knew it was a girl and he thinks he is never wrong about anything. When we pray together at night he continued to pray for Jenna and "the baby". In the last week he has started to pray for Porter by name. The first time I heard it my heart was just so consumed with love. Thinking about Porter as a person instead of just the baby in Jenna's stomach is so different. I don't just wonder what he will look like, but what kind of boy, young man, and man he wil become. I'm so happy to think about the fact that he is being prayed for even before he is born.

Last weekend I got to spend the day with Jenna. Eating, shopping, eating some more, and just having fun looking at baby stuff. The time seems to be flying by. I'm sure the holidays will make it seem even quicker. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving(all that food!). I'm already getting ready, planning menus, and looking at new recipes. I will be doing one new dish for sure. Nobody tell Jenna. She will love it, but it is a surprise. Names have been drawn for Christmas presents also. I always forget who got who, so this year I put the list in my Bible for save keeping. Now if I forget where I put it, everyone that reads this will know.

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  1. I am so excited to find out what the secret dish is. Any clues?? Love you!!